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Court Administrator (16th Circuit Court of Jackson County, MO - Kansas City, MO)

The 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County Missouri is seeking a full-time Court Administrator to oversee the strategic planning, programming, and operational initiatives of the Court.As the top executive for the Court, the Administrator works with the Presiding Judge and the Court en banc to oversee and coordinate the Court’s various departments and operational budget.The Administrator also serves as the Court’s liaison with the Office of State Courts Administrator and the Jackson County government.

The ideal candidate would have a strong background in management, analytics, budget control, strong communication skills, and the ability to effectively manage the ever changing operational needs of a fast paced judicial circuit. Applications must be received by 5 pm CST on October 31, 2022.

For full job description and to apply, please see A printable version of this post that contains additional information is available at Court Administrator.

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