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TRAFFIC COURT COMMISSIONER - St. Louis County Circuit Court

The St. Louis County Circuit Court is accepting applications for the position of Traffic Court Commissioner pursuant to 479.500 RSMo. Traffic Commissioners shall be licensed to practice law with the Missouri Bar Association and serve at the pleasure of the majority of the Court en Banc.  The traffic commissioner must be a resident of St. Louis County and receive as annual compensation an amount equal to one-third of the annual compensation of an associate circuit judge. Each commissioner shall devote approximately one-third of his or her working time to the performance of his or her duties. The commissioner is not considered a state employee and shall not be a member of the state or judicial retirement system nor be eligible to receive any other employment benefit accorded state employees or judges.

Any person who wishes to apply for this position shall file a resume or application with the St. Louis County Department of Human Resources, St. Louis County Courts Building, Room 151, 105 South Central Ave., Clayton Missouri, 63105 by September 9, 2019 at 5pm. 

The Court is scheduled to vote and appoint the next commissioner on September 11, 2019.

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